Promoting integrity in research and its publication

COPE brings together all those involved in scholarly research and its publication to strengthen the network of support, education and debate in publication ethics

It was wonderful to welcome so many of you to the inaugural COPE Publication Integrity Week, including a day dedicated to 'Publication Misconduct and Fraud'. Videos of the sessions, or written summaries, are now available on our website for anyone who couldn't come to the sessions or who would like to watch them again.

Our core practices

Core practices are the policies and practices journals and publishers need, to reach the highest standards in publication ethics. We include cases with advice, guidance for day-to-day practice, education modules and events on topical issues, to support journals and publishers fulfil their policies.

COPE Forum: December 2023

We welcome your comments to the Forum discussion topic 'Claiming affiliations'. Cases submitted to the December Forum are also available to read.

background image of text, zoomed in on the word affiliate. An overlaid text box with the copy: Register for the COPE Forum on 5 December 2023 where we discuss cases brought by members. Topic for discussion is claiming institutional affiliations”

Registration is now open for our next COPE Forum on 5 December. Whether or not you are attending the Forum we welcome your thoughts and feedback on the discussion topic "Claiming institutional affiliations".

Cases on the topics of authorship, paper mills, image integrity, and ethical oversight are now available. They will be discussed, with advice given, at the December COPE Forum.

What is COPE working on towards creating an inclusive and equitable culture both within COPE and the wider publishing culture? Find out in this COPE Commentary.

Policing or progressive? The panel examine the potential benefits and dangers of language use policies. This discussion is one of eleven sessions hosted by COPE during Publication Integrity Week 2023.

Peer review

Text “AI and peer review” above images of the speakers. An origami owl sits in the corner above the banner “watch video”.

A discussion about the state of artificial intelligence in peer review. One of eleven sessions hosted by COPE during Publication Integrity Week.

In Part 2 of this COPE Commentary Alysa Levene addresses perhaps the most lively area of debate on this topic at the moment: the role of artificial intelligence (AI).

Watch the introduction to this discussion around the challenges in peer review, whether different models should be considered for different publication types, and opportunities for the future.

A case submitted by a COPE member and discussed at our recent Forum: "handling undisclosed peer review conflict".